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As the biggest developing country in the world, China produces and consumes the largest amount of anodized aluminium sheet. In accordance with authoritative data, China production ability in anodized aluminium sheet has been improved rapidly in recent years. The sheet mainly contain 5000 series, the most widely used of which are 5005, 5052, 5083, 5086, 5182, 5251 etc. These sheets covers a wide range of application like railway transportation, automobile vehicles, shipping, electronic items, building construction and molds etc.

Ranking among leaders of China anodized aluminium sheet manufacturers, Haomei has its own technical and quality advantages with strict process, precise instrument as well as rich experience. Its anodized aluminium sheet boasts high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance. In anodizing experience the sheet is put into electrolyte solution as the positive pole for electrolyte. After the process finishes, a thin layer of oxidized aluminum comes into being. Its thickness is between 5 and 20μm. Hard anodizing film reaches 60 to 200μm thick. Anodized sheet shows good hardness, satisfying insulativity, strong corrosion resistance as well as excellent adsorption capacity. Besides, it boasts high safety property with super fire-proof and stain-resistant performances. No finger marks will be left on the surface after you touch the sheet. Even if stains stick to the surface, they are easy to be removed. There are no painting or other chemical materials on the surface. The sheet won’t catch fire even at a temperature of 600oc. It does not contain or produces any toxic gas, either. With extraordinary weather resistance, our anodized aluminium sheet of standard film will not change colors, get rusty or become oxidized in interior environment. That of thick film can last for a long time without color changes in outdoors. The sheet can be punched continuously into finished products, which largely shortens production time and reduces cost.

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