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Simple Introduction to Aluminum Power Strip

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  Aluminum power strip covers different alloys of various specifications, mostly 1000 series. The temper mainly falls on O, which means soft state of the strip during procession. The thickness ranks between 0.08mm and 3.00mm in accordance with different requirements. Aluminum power strip, made from top quality pure aluminum, has high electricity conductivity, soft strength and smooth surface. As a key raw material for winding of transformers, the strip entails top technical requirements about electricity conductivity, folded edges, side crooks and surface quality. 

Although several alloys of 1000 series are applicable as aluminum power strip, the most frequently used alloy is 1060, which contains about 99.6% aluminum. With simple yet mature production process, 1060 aluminum alloy has big price advantage over other metal alloys. It shows favorable elongation and tensile strength for usual processing requirements of stamping and pulling. Its conductivity of heat and electricity is only narrowly second to that of copper, yet the latter is much more expensive, therefore, aluminum power strip finally becomes the most usually applied raw material for transformer winding. It mainly serves as conductive materials for high voltage and low voltage winding.   
Except for the advantages mentioned above, 1060  boasts other features making it especially suitable for transformer winding materials. First, it’s of low weight and small volume. Aluminum has much smaller density than most other metals, which makes it lighter. Good strength enables it to function as excellent electricity conductive material with small volume. Second, it’s fire proof. Fire proves to be one of the biggest safety problems with any electricity station, thus it’s crucial to choose fire proof materials. Third, it’s water proof. Water is of good electricity conductivity, so a water proof material prevents electricity from leaking out. Besides, transformers with water proof aluminum strip can be used in moist areas without rust problems. Fourth, it’s cheap to maintain because of its low cost.

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