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How’s the Future of All Aluminum Coil Plate Furniture

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All aluminum coil plate furniture, a brand new type of furniture declared to be environmental, solid and healthy, seems to have a bright future in replacing traditional wooden furniture. However, experts remind people that we can not be too optimistic this issue. “Compared to wooden furniture, furniture of aluminum coil plate has higher cost. It’s a key problem for manufactures to find an effective way to reduce production cost. Once this problem is solved, all aluminum furniture will definitely take larger share of the market sooner or later.”

To attract consumers at its current prices, furniture of aluminum coil plate has a long way to go. Higher prices decide that potential customers for all aluminum furniture will be people of middle or higher class. Therefore, customization in designs will be an effective way to make up its price weakness. 
In spite of promising future of all aluminum furniture, there are several problems in current market that will prevent the development of this new type of furniture. First, the industry lacks uniform standards, which leads to rat race. The solution is to study given experience from wooden furniture industry which has formed rules about designs, technique, product standards, purchase skills, processing and inspection methods. Second, furniture of  in the market is almost of the same style. One manufacturer copies the other, lacking real creative awareness. It takes so much time, money and risk to develop a new product that many smaller companies just devote themselves to “learn” from others, since there is no specific rules about copying in this newly born industry. Third, furniture of aluminum coil plate is of little additional value. When people buy something, they pay much attention, yet the fact is, at present there’s no famous brand for all aluminum furniture. Moreover, small companies can offer no satisfying after-sales service. Therefore, in spite of its progress in look and feeling, furniture of aluminum coil plate still has a long way to go before really takes the market.

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