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Application segments and classification for aluminum slugs

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Aluminum slugs play a crucial role in the packaging industry with easier, faster, safer, efficient and effective way of impact extrusion of the slug. Aluminum slugs are also eco-friendly and recyclable which gives an advantage over other types of metal slugs. They come in different sizes and can be converted to any shape for the convenience of customers. Aluminum slugs are also rust resistance and lighter which have extended the scope for aluminum slugs market. Aluminum slugs market is expected to get demand from several application segments including food & beverages industries, healthcare, paint industries, pharmaceutical, etc. where slugs are being used. 

The aluminum slugs market is expected to witness a healthy growth over the forecast period due to the rising demand for smaller and convenient slugs for extrusion. Aluminum slugs market is anticipated to be exceptionally concentrated into personal care and beauty products as their end products. Fantastic properties of aluminum slugs, for example, have an extended shelf life and a safe approach to administering a wide assortment of items. In addition, the increase in the per capita disposable income for developing economies and shift in the mindset towards convenient packaging. Rapid industrialization in the field of paint, food & beverages, etc. have seen the increment in spending to offer items by using aluminum slugs. Recyclability properties of aluminum are few of the components to be specified which can drive the development of aluminum slugs market. 
Materials: aluminum slug and alloy 1070 
Temper: O 
Hardness: 16 to 21HB 
Diameter: 6 to 110mm
Thickness: 5 to 20mm 
Suitable for deep drawing and surface oxidation 
Applications: lipstick tubes, mascara, eyebrow brushes, perfume bottles, glue tubes and filter bottles 
On the basis of shape, the aluminum slugs are segmented into: 
On the basis of application, the aluminum slugs are segmented into:
Aerosol cans 
Aluminum tubes 
Automotive cans 
Technical parts 
On the basis of end use industry, the aluminum slugs are segmented into: 
Food & Beverage 
Cosmetic & personal care 
Electrical & electronics

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